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After the funeral

A young child who used to see a face of a man cried when he died. He was not allowed to go and see his funeral. A day passed and he saw a small box containing letters. He read them. There was a man named Penn. He contacted his friend who told his father and mother. They got a shock. The man who died had a son named Penn who was in India. He got his father’s letters about a script writer. They found him suffering in a house. He had been blackmailed by a rival. He got help when the boy and his friends told the police about the incident. Everybody were fine when they read the holy books.

he won the game (poem)

He went on a tour to Cambodia

and checked out their workers.

A gd night was all he said for them

who gave him a golden chance to win

in a game where the stake was cash.

He won and went on was the story


the princess in the castle

Once upon a time there lived a princess who was known to have long hair in her heads. She had a thousand heads and one day she died in sleep. Again the handsome man whom she dreamt cried for her and she ran back to his arms. There in the bedroom where she slept they had love and all things funky. One day she thought that the manstand was gone and cried. This tale of tears and moments cried for audience when a play was staged in the great stages in London.