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The One

A young man and a lass were resting under a tree at their university campus. They were happy and were laughing at some jokes. A older lady came to them and asked where she can find her son. They guided her.

Escape from hell

How can you avoid meeting a person you dislike?

Let’s say for example you met your ex-boyfren from hell the one that shouted and screamed at you for no reason you can run for the EXIT door in a minute.

  1. First of all do not let the person whom u do not like know about your fav stuff.
  2. Keep away from the person no matter whether it is a ‘he’ or ‘she’.
  3. Stay close to your family or loved ones who know about your history and can help you fix anything.
  4. If you meet the person whom you hate so much walk away. Stay clear away from the ill person.
  5. Do not patronize the areas he or she frequents. This will avoid him or her trying to come to you.
  6. Better still escape from that city or country. That is the last resort.

take care. ciao. – Anu Veth

praying to gods

A lonely message came to a father of a church. he read it and got a shock when his fellow father told him to announce it in a meeting. it was about a boy who did not eat anything for 2 yrs. they went to the house and gave the boy a cross. it seemed that the boy kept getting dreams about a man and a sister who cared for him. he told the fathers. they consoled him and told him to believe in Lord. he did and before he knew it he was relieved of his pain.

Old Madrid

Old Madrid the area spreading from Plaza Mayor is the most historic quarter. After Madrid became the ideal of the royal court the area grew in the 16th and 17th centuries. There are a lot of funky restaurants, bars, pubs, churches and palaces. It is a great sight to see when you are in Madrid.