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Being online gives me the ultimate joy. I am an Internet addict who likes surfing and is researching on web tactics. My current delight is checking out games and apps using my tablet. – Anu

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climate changes are man made

Climate science has progressed very much. Now experts can accurately detect global warming’s fingerprints on certain extreme weather events, such as a heat wave.

According to National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine “the science has advanced to the point that this is no longer true as an unqualified blanket statement.”

Actually climates changes are man made. It was found in 2005 that a lot of scientific research was placed on man made climate change results.


I used to watch movies in YOUTUBE using my lenovo laptop. It was a wonderful experience. I like seeing them as they are free and affordable. I have started to catch movies on cinemas.

Memories and sorrow

A man once stayed in a house for a long time without knowing about its occupants. As time flew, he gradually got to know about the people. They spoke to him and he was glad. Unfortunately before he got married he was asked to fly to another country for a mission. He could not accept the gift from his girl friend and his parents. Luckily he had a friend who took letters for him. He received a small gift from a woman who once loved him. He went to her house and saw her writing. He was glad. They were happy for a long time with 2 kids they had adopted from another country.

movie preview

let’s check out the film ‘Guddu Rangeela’.

it is about 2 cousins who run a small town orchestra while wking as informants for local gangs. the 2 characters are guddu (amit sadh) and rangeela (Arshad warsi). while the younger guddu  can’t avoid women the other one is fighting a court case which involved killing of his wife. a mafia member offers them a job of kidnapping baby (aditi rao hydari). this is a movie of action and romance. check it out in july 2015.


how to be happy

once a friend of mine asked me how to be happy. it is simple. just be happy for yourself. ask yourself when was the last time u had treated yourself to a warm cup of hot chocolate or capucino? u can also go shopping and get yourself a present. another thing is to call your dear friends and have a meet up or chat on the phone. u can also ask your spouse or boyfriend to bring u to the movies. another way is to buy yourself a piece of jewelry. u can also grab loads of ice cream to eat and enjoy. have fun being happy.