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The dream

Once a man from LA went to a country where there were only houses not occupied by anyone. He saw a boy call him and a woman asked him to go to the flat. When he walked in there were many people crying for help. He walked to them and asked what was the problem. He solved the problems and soon he was paid a lot of money. The money was to take care of a young girl who did not know she was going to stay in the house for her would be hubby. All went ok until they found out that the girl was a smart person who did Maths a lot. After she went overseas she changed and became a better person who loved the world.

A temple

before building a temple they use to have prayers where all priests would engage in homams. This was a routine for all Hindu temples in South East Asia.

A trip to india made my cousin think about how hard could it be for the priests to manage a homam alone. A huge homam takes about three days to fulfill and a small one about a day or so. there they built a lot of fires and homams for the deities. Watching a kumbabisegam a priest can get all the boons and wishes from the main deities in the temple. It is not just the homams that are impt for a temple but annadanam is also essential for one to get full blessings.


I recall a friend of mine who was so pious that she applied red kumkum all over her forehead. This went on for yrs when she was 22 to 28 yrs old. One day she was in Orchard rd shopping and a foreigner asked her where she got the kumkum. She showed her the way to Little india and told her about the benefits of applying kumkum.

The foreigner who was from china was impressed and on the spot went to Tekka to get the kumkum from shops and temples. She visited Veeramakaliamman temple in Serangoon Rd where she told the priests about the woman. The Indian priests were happy and blessed her.

This goes to show that in singapore there is a blend of all races. We are lucky to stay in a country where all religions are worshipped together. There is faith in Singapore.

priests chanting mantras – krishna mandir

I got an e-newsletter from krishna mandir which made me think about Radha Krishna. They featured holy sayings and words on how gods are gd and how chanting the Hare Rama Hare Krishna mantra can help a person progress in life.

I think chanting mantras is the one everyone will hear when they enter a temple. A temple is a holy place where all gather to pray. I had a friend who was so strict about temple trips that he applied holy ash on his body and forehead all the time prior to going to a hindu temple. Till today he is living in India as a holy person who believes that prayers are the key to reaching the ones there above the heaven.


Finding joy

What is meant by living a life with peace? If all of us have peace in our lives we would be happier in living everyday. How can we cheer ourselves up and be joyful? We can read inspirational quotes and write down memories which bring us happiness. We can also watch videos which bring comic relief to us. We can meet up with people who we like and share food. We can also exchange tips on how to be happier with our friends.

email marketing

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