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A story – Summer Feel

Summer Feel

“There she is”, he shouted at his sister who was reading a newspaper. The lass dressed in pink clothes looked normal. She had a Prada bag and a black purse in her hands.
Sanjay who used sunglasses did not want his sis to know that he had an eye for Shrila who was his best friend in college. She was hot in his eyes. A curvy figure and a ‘to-die for’ looks. She looked like Sushi a latest runway model in India except she was shorter than her. The only thing he liked was that she was a smiling happy person.

“Hurry,” Shrila said as she gestured to the person holding the cafe door for her. She was used to men falling all over but this particular one irritated her as he kept grinning and laughing with his buddies.

Anyway, she spotted the hunky Sanjay who was with his wacko sis. His sis who was known to be a blabber mouth did not like her as Shrila had won the earlier class English writing test where she won hands down.

Looking at her purse she wondered if she had brought enough cash to catch a movie with the duo. She waved at them with a grin.

“Hi”, Sanjay said as he took a chair for Shrila. Shrila looked worried and he wondered why. “You look pretty tensed. Anything wrong?” he asked with concern.
“Nope,” Shrila said as she smiled at Sanjay. He was good looking in a kind of Hrithik Roshan way. Tall and hunky with a rugged look. He was already a local town actor where he played in TV serials as the boy next door. She wondered whether he was attached. The latest buzz according to his sis was that he’s single.

“Nothing much. What are you two going to do next?” Shrila asked his sis. She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “We are just eating our late breakfast now,” she replied as she munched on a bar of chocolate.

Sanjay shook her hands and asked her about her cousin who was staying with her for a holiday. Shrila remarked that her cousin did not like coming out as he was down with a flu.
Shrila ordered a muffin and a cup of coffee. She was going mad, she thought to herself as she sat beside Sanjay. A young girl aged around 11 years old recognized him and waved at him. She turned to stare at him and got a surprise that Sanjay hugged her. He seemed to love young kids. “He’s a friendly person,” she thought to herself as she watched him autograph a book for the kid.

“Are you free tomorrow?” Sanjay asked casually as he sat on the chair staring at Shrila. “Yeah, why?” asked Shrila. She was surprised to see him looking at her intently. He had nice deep brown eyes which made her feel feminine and sleepy.
“We can go for a movie tomorrow. Take it as a date,” Sanjay said as he ate a fruit which was on his plate. He liked eating fruits. Fruits are good for health, his mum used to nag all the time.

“Wow,” his sis Rani grinned as she playfully punched him on his biceps. He smiled to himself. He had a sis who was smart and well knowing. She knew what he was going to do.
“Ok,” Shrila said and he was happy. It was going to be their third special date. For the past 2 weeks they had gone dining and all had been fine until she talked about her cousin. He could not help feeling jealous of her cousin who could be crazy about her. Of course he knew that Shrila did not have any feelings for her cousin. He had asked her bluntly once and she had told him that she liked nobody except herself and her warm loving mother.

The sky was blue when they met again. This time in a movie theater. He was seated beside her and they were showing the latest Rajni movie Kabali. It was an action movie. Sanjay asked Shrila to pick the movie and she had chosen this one. She was an ardent Rajni fan. As the movie ended Sanjay asked Shrila the Question. She smiled and jumped when he proposed. He was already 28 and getting married was on the cards. Who else could he choose except his best friend? The feelings inside her were enormous. She was going to be Mrs Sanjay in a year’s time. The joy made her feel like hugging and kissing Sanjay. She was so elated that she called her mother and told her the good news.

***********The END ************


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