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birthday party

i went to a smashing gd birthday party where the person was celebrating her 21st birthday. it was cool to have guys dancing on the stage. i was happy for the family. there was even a video clip for the person. the host of the party asked for couples to participate in a hilarious event where they cross-dressed. it was so funny. my bro wore a sari and danced to a tune. it was held at ceylon’s sports club. after the birthday party we tried to take a cab but it was hard as there were 5 of us. we ended up taking 2 bus rides. i liked the chocolate and the cake in the party.

post wedding celebration dinner

there was a special post wedding dinner for my bro and his wife at my house. they were all so happy and i enjoyed seeing people eat well in the house. my bro and his wife got new clothes as presents. since his dating days he had asked to follow ceylonese way of wedding and rituals.   he looks happy and pleased with his wife in his new residence. i wish them all the best.

My brother’s wedding is coming ……

Oh no! It is flying.  I meant the time is zooming past me now. Just one or two weeks later is my brother’s wedding. I mean with the food, wedding hall, photo shoot and other expenses he may be broke… ha ha ha….