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A shining glory

A masculine man who did not see anyone for a few yrs went back to his parents house. He did not know his sis had died in an accident. He was not feeling well and suddenly he saw a photo of a small boy who had been living in the same house as him. He found the boy working in a laundry shop and he brought him back. He was happy.


one day there was a fight among the lawyers in a country. They were scared that they did not use sms a new feature in the phone at that time. They found out that rich people who had money were not using sms as much as teens. That’s why teens had more power and money than the older folks.

Category of people

Once a woman went shopping in a large shopping center. There were not many ppl around. A guy was shouting at another man for pushing him. Beside him was a woman who was sobbing. It seemed that the guy was an aggresive person who was angry that he was being discriminated for being a colored person shopping in a white dominated area. The police arrived and took note of the complaint.

The dream

Once a man from LA went to a country where there were only houses not occupied by anyone. He saw a boy call him and a woman asked him to go to the flat. When he walked in there were many people crying for help. He walked to them and asked what was the problem. He solved the problems and soon he was paid a lot of money. The money was to take care of a young girl who did not know she was going to stay in the house for her would be hubby. All went ok until they found out that the girl was a smart person who did Maths a lot. After she went overseas she changed and became a better person who loved the world.

Memories and sorrow

A man once stayed in a house for a long time without knowing about its occupants. As time flew, he gradually got to know about the people. They spoke to him and he was glad. Unfortunately before he got married he was asked to fly to another country for a mission. He could not accept the gift from his girl friend and his parents. Luckily he had a friend who took letters for him. He received a small gift from a woman who once loved him. He went to her house and saw her writing. He was glad. They were happy for a long time with 2 kids they had adopted from another country.

email marketing

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