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Annabel liked to read books. That day she was sleeping well when her buddy Bren called her. They went out to talk to their other friend Laura who had just returned from Australia. She had gone to visit her cousin Sheela. They had a wonderful time exchanging photos and chats.

A shining glory

A masculine man who did not see anyone for a few yrs went back to his parents house. He did not know his sis had died in an accident. He was not feeling well and suddenly he saw a photo of a small boy who had been living in the same house as him. He found the boy working in a laundry shop and he brought him back. He was happy.

praying to gods

A lonely message came to a father of a church. he read it and got a shock when his fellow father told him to announce it in a meeting. it was about a boy who did not eat anything for 2 yrs. they went to the house and gave the boy a cross. it seemed that the boy kept getting dreams about a man and a sister who cared for him. he told the fathers. they consoled him and told him to believe in Lord. he did and before he knew it he was relieved of his pain.

Old Madrid

Old Madrid the area spreading from Plaza Mayor is the most historic quarter. After Madrid became the ideal of the royal court the area grew in the 16th and 17th centuries. There are a lot of funky restaurants, bars, pubs, churches and palaces. It is a great sight to see when you are in Madrid.