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Category of people

Once a woman went shopping in a large shopping center. There were not many ppl around. A guy was shouting at another man for pushing him. Beside him was a woman who was sobbing. It seemed that the guy was an aggresive person who was angry that he was being discriminated for being a colored person shopping in a white dominated area. The police arrived and took note of the complaint.

a house

The wind blew and opened the door to herself
the windows told a tale of freedom
later she walked she thought
as she stared at the book in her hands
it was ramu a man by the word of the book
she cried as she thought yrs back on the house she had left
she was a mirror image of her mother
that was the truth spoken in all manuscripts by the author

Working Life

Working life is ok. I like working on a lot of things. I am still thinking of ideas on how to brand my website to a greater level. I have got plenty of tips from my brain and I got to say that taking time to know and understand oneself is very important for us. At least we wait and get something meaningful. Just like in love or passion, one can get a person who is so in tune with you and everything you do.