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I think Deepavali is a time for ppl to get together to enjoy life. It is just like thanksgiving. – ANu V


the princess in the castle

Once upon a time there lived a princess who was known to have long hair in her heads. She had a thousand heads and one day she died in sleep. Again the handsome man whom she dreamt cried for her and she ran back to his arms. There in the bedroom where she slept they had love and all things funky. One day she thought that the manstand was gone and cried. This tale of tears and moments cried for audience when a play was staged in the great stages in London.

email marketing

i like to read and know more about email marketing. I recall my love for email marketing when I think about the e-book I wrote. The report was about my experience in marketing to Indians in Singapore. Just yesterday, I called and contacted some of the India based companies to know about sms and email marketing campaigns. I want more people to visit my website CJ and I hope you too will visit it. It is located at http://www.celebrityjam.net

My brother’s wedding is coming ……

Oh no! It is flying.  I meant the time is zooming past me now. Just one or two weeks later is my brother’s wedding. I mean with the food, wedding hall, photo shoot and other expenses he may be broke… ha ha ha….

Working Life

Working life is ok. I like working on a lot of things. I am still thinking of ideas on how to brand my website to a greater level. I have got plenty of tips from my brain and I got to say that taking time to know and understand oneself is very important for us. At least we wait and get something meaningful. Just like in love or passion, one can get a person who is so in tune with you and everything you do.