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The One

A young man and a lass were resting under a tree at their university campus. They were happy and were laughing at some jokes. A older lady came to them and asked where she can find her son. They guided her.

Writing to cleo

I had a fren named cleo who was so pretty that she had no lack of admirers. She was 18 yrs old when she was married to her sweetheart. Ram was a handsome man too. He loved her and before she knew it she was 23 and she got a kid. The kid was a boy who was so funny and cute in his own way. I loved to hug and kiss him. He was a charming boy. I was like his aunt and he loved me a lot. I gave him sweets and chocolates and he still looks fwd to see me each time I walk past his house.

how to start a mag

there are many who like to start a mag. If you are a new publisher you can be looking for tips. here are some useful help.

First of all get a range of topics for your mag. You can narrow down to one after deciding with your partner on the subject. You can survey and look around for suitable printers for your mag. You can depend on freelance writers for articles. You can also hire a part time graphic designer. You can then come up with a mock up copy of your mag to show to potential advertisers.

Finally after about two to three months you can start to roll off once you get a few ads and start up capital.

Ads wanted

I am seeking ads for my website “Celebrity Jam”. It is an entertainment website where we feature Bollywood and Tamil Cinema buzz. The ads are text link ads. You can check out the rate at http://www.celebrityjam.net/advertise.html

Payment can be made via Paypal. You can confidently promote your products and services via CJ.