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Being online gives me the ultimate joy. I am an Internet addict who likes surfing and is researching on web tactics. My current delight is checking out games and apps using my tablet. – Anu

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Once an old man was crossing a rd when he saw a young woman crying for help. she could not carry her bags. He helped her and suddenly he felt better for himself. He was being a gd man and Samaritan. Such gd deeds are noticed by everyone.

a house

The wind blew and opened the door to herself
the windows told a tale of freedom
later she walked she thought
as she stared at the book in her hands
it was ramu a man by the word of the book
she cried as she thought yrs back on the house she had left
she was a mirror image of her mother
that was the truth spoken in all manuscripts by the author


This is a buddhism old story passed on for generations. A nun who was walking in a street in America was asked by a lonely woman to take care of her son. He was working as a writer and did not know anyone except for his pc. he worked on his pc for ages and did not get any job until a man told him to see a fortune teller. he went to see and before he knew it he got a paid job where he had to write about stories. he was an author.

the nun went to his house as told by the woman. at first there was nobody but as she looked thr the rooms she saw a small baby sleeping. she touched the baby’s hands and smiled to herself. the man came out and asked her who she was. she narrated the story of meeting his mother. he was glad. soon the nun washed his clothes and told him to get married so that another person can take care of him. he did not do so until his son was five yrs old. the person was a christian who did not cry at all when he scolded her for not looking at him. that was his first wife who left him after married to him for just five months. miracles can happen to anyone.

choosing rudraksha malai

As per our holy and ancient epics Rudraksha give effects due to blessings of respective God and Goddesses.

Side effects

If you are wondering if there are any side effects, the answer is no. They have no side effects and there is absolutely no planetary effect. This makes Rudraksha much superior. The most proven and reliable way to choose Rudraksha is by reading their properties of the beads and selecting the ones which closely match with your star.


Your may wear multiple beads of the same Mukhi and multiple bead of different Mukhi in order to get appropriate combination.

Close up of Sonal

Sonal Sehgal is an Indian actress who debuted on the silver screen with the critically acclaimed ‘Aashayein’, directed by the national award winning director Nagesh Kuknoor. She is cast opposite John Abraham in this movie with cancer being the central theme.

After that, Sonal went on to star in lead roles in films such as ‘Radio’, ‘Damadamm” and ‘Future to bright hai ji’. ‘Radio’ is a drama, a complex relationship between a man, his ex-wife (played by Sonal) and his current girlfriend.

The recently released ‘Future to bright hai ji’, although a disappointment at the box office, earned Sonal great reviews from the critics. Sonal has also penned the lyrics of the title song of the same film.

Sonal began her career with theatre. A pivotal role in the celebrated theater scriptwriter/ director Mahesh Dattani’s play ‘Mad about Money’ brought her much critical acclaim and adulation from the audience.

Before pursuing her career as an actress, Sehgal had assisted ad filmmaker and director Pradeep Sarkar who made his film debut with Parineeta.