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I think Deepavali is a time for ppl to get together to enjoy life. It is just like thanksgiving. – ANu V



Annabel liked to read books. That day she was sleeping well when her buddy Bren called her. They went out to talk to their other friend Laura who had just returned from Australia. She had gone to visit her cousin Sheela. They had a wonderful time exchanging photos and chats.

A shining glory

A masculine man who did not see anyone for a few yrs went back to his parents house. He did not know his sis had died in an accident. He was not feeling well and suddenly he saw a photo of a small boy who had been living in the same house as him. He found the boy working in a laundry shop and he brought him back. He was happy.


I knew a girl who from young wanted to be a writer. she wrote a lot of poems and articles in her jotter book and notebooks. One day she met a scientist who told her that she can study science. she was happy but her ambition stayed strong. She was 18 when her granny told her to change her ideas. she was scared and started to listen to god songs. she wrote the lyrics for a song and sent it to USA. she got happiness when her lyrics were accepted. she was 21 yrs old when her dream came true. tdy she is a journalist writing for all kinds of media. bye.

dressing an idol

I noticed a fren’s house where he had a lot of Sri Perumal & Andal statues. He liked to dress them up in sari material and this practice was done for 10 yrs in his house. He did not let anyone see him dressing the idols. He had bought the statues in India and as he was from a well-to-do family he had no problems.

one day his friend saw the idols and got a surprise. he asked him how come he was not a priest and he told him that as a brahmin he did not need to go to temples. He worshipped his own house as a temple.

he is a lucky chap.