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Being online gives me the ultimate joy. I am an Internet addict who likes surfing and is researching on web tactics. My current delight is checking out games and apps using my tablet. – Anu

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Once a woman went shopping in a large shopping center. There were not many ppl around. A guy was shouting at another man for pushing him. Beside him was a woman who was sobbing. It seemed that the guy was an aggresive person who was angry that he was being discriminated for being a colored person shopping in a white dominated area. The police arrived and took note of the complaint.

Art director and his portfolio

A famous art director in a big art firm lost his portfolio when he was dining in a fine restaurant. He did not notice it until 2 days later. He panicked and called the restaurant. Luckily the manager of the 5 star restaurant kept the missing folder which had his best works. His boss told him not to worry and consoled him. He paid the manager a $500 note to appreciate his help. The manager was touched by his love for his works. He soon became a freelance art director who managed 3 budding art copy writers who were so gd in their work that they got paid a lot for their creativity.

an artist

I had a colleague who was into Maths. She loved Maths a lot and was always engaged in solving Maths which was of higher levels. You can say that it was for those who did A levels. Suddenly one day she lost sight of her fav book. She went searching in the library and got a shock that it was missing. She called and asked the librarian where was the book. The librarian paged and announced to all in the library about the missing book. It was found a week later and my friend was scared of losing anything. She was forgetting things and she consulted a physician. He gave her medicine and told her to forget about going abroad for further studies. She was going to get her Masters in Arts. She had to tell her friend and confidant about the plans. he was disappointed and told her to rest. Soon 4 yrs passed and when she woke up she forgot everything about Maths. She was an avid artist and soon she started to paint. She sold the art pieces online and did not return home. Her mother who was living in Nepal got worried and called her back. She returned and was reluctant to leave her present home. Soon she married her friend who was in USA and became a full time artist.