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Being online gives me the ultimate joy. I am an Internet addict who likes surfing and is researching on web tactics. My current delight is checking out games and apps using my tablet. – Anu

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how to choose a flat?

if you are having jitters about moving to a new environment where there is a new flat waiting for you, here are some tips

  1. First of all make a survey of how the new flat looks like. See if you like it.
  2. Secondly check out the surroundings. whether it is too noisy or too quiet for words.
  3. Look out for easy transportation needs. See if there is an easy and smooth traffic flow and whether it is easy for you to commute to work everyday.
  4. Look at what is inside the neighborhood. The type of neighbors make a BIG difference to your Life.

All the best to your new flat and life. – Anu V