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Strange happenings

Yesterday a man who was so lonely saw a young girl who was a writer walk up to him.He asked her what it is and saw a younger boy cry for him and his son. Previously, the man had a tiger which was locked in his basement. Apparently the girl and the boy knew him as they were next door neighbors. Mystery.

Chic a Boa

I am dining at Chic a Boa restaurant in Sembawang Shopping Centre. The service is good. You can choose 2 side dishes from the menu. One thing it is not a sit down and order kind of place. You got to order and pay at the counter first. The food is ok. I bought the main $7.90 meal set. It comes with 2 chicken pieces, a drink of your choice and 2 side dishes.

I am typing this blog down as I sip my drink. It is Pepsi.


– Anu V