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I think Deepavali is a time for ppl to get together to enjoy life. It is just like thanksgiving. – ANu V



A man who was an avid watcher of football matches did not sleep a day before the impt match. He had not eaten dinner and so he went to the Indian stall to buy mee goreng. He ate and while he was watching the show he heard a jingle sound. He thought it was his sister who was sleeping in her room. An apparition wearing blue appeared in front of him. He screamed. His sis woke up and told him she has seen the apparition a few times when she stayed up late to watch TV. They had no parents and they only had an uncle who came in once a week to take care of them. They were in their early 20s. They called their uncle who came and checked with a bomoh. The man got scared. It seemed the thing they saw was a ghost which had stayed in the house before. He prayed well and chanted and asked them to cleanse themselves well every day. The man and his sis obeyed and suddenly after a week their uncle got scared when they got a call from their old friend who said he dreamt of something lurking in their house. They moved out of the house when they contacted the earlier house owner. A young girl who had been pregnant had died in the house when she had come to talk to her ex-boyfriend. The boyfriend was the house owner’s son. He had not known about his son’s affairs. The police soon arrested the son when they found a letter in the girl’s room.

Vikram – Stardom in Tamil Cinema

He made his debut in the 1990 film En Kadhal Kanmani, which was accompany by a sequence of small-pedantic Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu scale in the 1990s, many of which path unnoticed. However the success of Bala’s tragedy film Sethu , in which Vikram appeared as a knave transform squire, invent Vikram’s happy running as an stageplayer. In the early 2000s, Vikram seem in a series of masala pellicle, with Dhill , Gemini , Dhool and Saamy becoming commercially fortunate ventures. During the period, Vikram also appeared in diverse roles and allow accurate acclamation for his completion as a hidden villager in Kasi and a Robin Hood-like figure in Samurai. In 2003, Vikram’s performance as a gravedigger with autism specter disorders in Bala’s Pithamagan discourse him reach the National Film Award for Best Actor, with his character only speaking a united of lines of dialogue in the interior film. His semblance as an idealistic lawyer with multiple personality disorder in Shankar’s blockbuster Anniyan also won accurate acclaim, as did his appearance as a superhero in Kanthaswamy . Vikram’s portrayal of Veeraiya, a tribal leader inspired by the Ramayana character Ravana, in Mani Ratnam’s Raavanan proverb him safe further accolades, as did his appearance as a inward challenged adult with the maturity of a six-year-old boy in Deiva Thirumagal . He consequently appeared in multiple get-ups as a bodybuilder and a crippled hunchback, flattering up to 35 kilograms for rosalia, during the making of Shankar’s romantic thriller I and wone wander resurvey from critics for his deed. It is generally the fourth highest-great Tamil scum of all time.

Vikram was born as Kennedy to a Christian father and a Hindu mother in Madras, Tamil Nadu, on 17 April 1966. His father, John Victor (name Vinod Raj) was a native of Paramakudi and ran away from home to start a career in cloudy. His father however did not passage successfully, and only managed to action in protect roles in Tamil films and television serials and this inhaled Vikram to take part in theatre lessons and become professionally cars in canonical and cinema caper forms to betroth he became a foremost doer. Rajeshwari, Vikram’s mother, was a subordinate-collector and her brother, Thyagarajan is an established director-doer in the Tamil film industry; with his son, actor Prashanth, being Vikram’s first allied. Vikram has a less northern, Anita, who is a index and a puisne brother, Arvind, who was previously determine to make his pellicle debut in the 2008 film Saroja but in the end did not feature. Vikram is utility as a screen name as he disliked his original name, Kennedy; the name Vikram was tranquil by taking “Vi” from his generator’s name, “K” from Kennedy, “Ra” from his mother’s name and “ram” from his sun sign, Aries.

Between 1993 and 1994, Vikram look in a list of scum where he describe verify roles. He appeared in three successful Malayalam skin by appearance with Mammooty, Suresh Gopi and Jayaram in Joshi’s successful action film Dhruvam, before fruitful up with Gopi again for Shaji Kailas’s Mafia, which explored Bangalore’s murderer underworld. Furthermore, Joshi cast him again alongside Mammooty in the action drama Sainyam in the role of an vent cadet. During the end, Vikram also seem in the small yield Telugu film Chirunavvula Varamistava in the lead role and as Akkineni Nageswara Rao’s eldest son in the family drama Bangaru Kutumbam with both skin failure commercially. A brief return to Tamil skin also proved unhappy, with his role in Vikraman’s multistarrer Pudhiya Mannargal with descant composed by A. Rahman meander out to be a mercurial failure.

In 1997, debutant director Bala offered him the role of the vagrant, Sethu (Chiyaan), in the film Sethu. To prepare for the character, Vikram shaved his head, lost twenty-one kilograms and grew his spike thirst for the role. After beginning fruit in April 1997, the film way through development hell after assiduity remove and deficiency of accumulation hampered progress. During this phase, he did not accept other mummery propose in management to support the continuity of his seem. The film then struggled to find a distributor, who shunned it due to the tragic climax and the film remained unreleased. Vikram delineate the period of production as “the worst faze of his running” as he was financially strapped and “his fire was in danger of dying down”. He turned down an opportunity from a wellwisher to take up a job in technology and assay to delay in the industry by directing a serial titled Mounam Pesiyadhey, with Ameer as his helper director. Sethu finally let go in December 1999 and initially began running at a weak noon show at a suburban theater but gradually gained an auditory through word-of-mouth notoriety. Eventually it ran for over one hundred days at several cinema halls across Chennai. Vikram was constantly being mobbed by lede on the streets as a result of the gauze’s success. Critics praised Vikram’s performance with a reviewer appeal to Vikram as “a revelation” and that “he is very natural and his acting in last few scenes are just too good and could even be get with the best we have versed”. Similarly, a critic from the Malaysian help, New Straits Times, described the cloudy as an “unforgettable suffer” and described Vikram’s exploit as “glorify-worthy”. The completion drew accolades with Vikram winning the Filmfare Special Award – South and the Tamil Nadu State Film Award Special Prize for his portrayal of the title reputation, while narrate emerged that he missed out on the National Film Award for Best Actor by a single devote to Mohanlal. Post-Sethu, Vikram has delineate the lamina would have been close to him slighted of its commercial success and that it put him on the “upright path”, with Vikram choosing to adapt the prefix of Chiyaan to his shelter name.

Later that year he starred in Bala’s Pithamagan along with Suriya, Sangeetha and Laila, playing the party of Chitthan, a gravedigger with autism specter disorders. He did not have any snip-snap in the pellicle and the actor’s enaction muscles were stretched as he had to application body talk and facial expressions to convey his feelings and thoughts, with Vikram also ply the become up for the reputation himself. The film won decisive reviews with the critic from The Hindu employment it a “harmony on celluloid”, while account that it will be a “landmark in Vikram’s career” and “he carven a recess for himself in the viewer’s mind with his expressions and worthy thickness language”. His delineation won him both the Filmfare Best Tamil Actor Award and the National Film Award for Best Actor, with the latter accolade making him only the third Tamil actor to win the award. His next quit, the revenge dramatics Arul directed by Hari, garnered lean retrace and spar office collections.

The Tamil turning, Raavanan won rave reviews from critics with The Hindu calling it a “masterstroke” and claiming Vikram “raises the barrier higher with every venture”. The critic cited that “emotions of love, animus, torment and joy dance on his face in sprightly race”, settle that “Vikram bear the role to an good just”. The critic from Sify tassel it as a “astonishing portrayal”, while the critic from the Hindustan Times eulogize Vikram’s “ability to get into Veeraiya’s skin and emote with conviction”. The Tamil version therefor went on to wax a commercial succession, with Vikram’s performance leading to him conquest the Filmfare Award for Best Tamil Actor among other accolades. In contrast, the Hindi version fetched immixed reviews with critics agreeing that Vikram’s performance as the tribal leader was more convincing than Bachchan’s. Baradwaj Rangan, writing for The New Indian Express rank the film 4/5 and aforesaid “Raavan sink for Sita (and blemish versa) in an intriguingly idiosyncratic take on the Ramayana – if you can get past the Saturn performances, that is” whereas Taran Adarsh, writing for Bollywood Hungama rated it 1.5/5 and said, “On the whole, Raavan is a sovereign-sized disappointment, in terms of content” though mentioning that Vikram was “first-rate, although the role isn’t responsible enough”. Raavan subsequently went on to become a surprise flop at the Indian box office. The veil was also pick at the Venice Film Festival and the Busan International Film Festival, with Vikram in tendance.

Vikram symbol on to collaborate again with Shankar for I, a romantic thriller facing Amy Jackson, in soon 2012. Following muted production developments, it was revealed that the actor would sport four significantly distinct looks in the pellicle: a body builder, a beast, a model and a hunchback. He put on efficacy to describe the bodybuilder, sticking to a assembly of protein and color, to ensure his thew are defined on screen. Vikram subsequently astray influence to describe a model, before shaving his headland and reducing his pressure to 56 kilograms to describe the lamed stoop. He changed his physique by fretting small meals of egg leucorrh�a and apples in lieu of of symmetrical food intakes, while engaging in an emphasizing pressure privation system to become thin. The exhale and crew of the cloudy reportedly struggled to recognise the actor at clock, while he also stayed away from the media for close to a year when sporting the look. Taking almost three yonks for product, Vikram delineate the pellicle “as the toughest he has ever done” and regularly tolerate folliculitis as a ensue of the prosthetic make-up he had to wear. The film open amongst much trust in January 2015 to confused reviews, though critics gave Vikram’s description of Lingesan, unanimously peremptory reviews. A critic from Times of India noted “Vikram bowls you over with a heart-means performance whether he is handsome or disfigured”, while The Hindu added his transformation was “laudable”, and that “Vikram overtake reins as the earnest-to-advantage gym rat and as the tall modern plan on the wall, he floors the audience with his performance as Koonan, the deform hunchback”.

Vikram met Shailaja Balakrishnan in the late 1980s. Vikram got wedded to Shailaja in 1992 at Guruvayoor in an termination which proverb dozens of other two get married at the same repetition at the same stead. The span also then had a burn-keystone nuptials portent conducted at the denomination at Loyola College, Chennai. She start from Thalassery, Kerala and now works as a psychology teacher at a leading Chennai school. They have a daughter, Akshita and a son Dhruv, with Vikram suggesting that his son is a keen actor. He resides intimately the shingle in Besant Nagar, Chennai and has stated that he would remain supported in Chennai regardless of any offers in other regional nebula.

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A young woman who used to read a horror story series got a shock when she saw the author appear in front of her in a train. She shouted as he laid his hand on her hair and said she is blessed. A cross dropped onto the floor. She ran away.

3 days later she met him in a shopping center. He told her to stop writing with a pen and a type writer. He gave her a special notebook which had something she needed.

She did not want it as she was wary of strangers. Suddenly a yr later her brother who came to her house gave her the notebook. She got scared and after reading the contents in the notebook she gave up her life. She went outside, screamed and ran away from the city. She was free.


After the funeral

A young child who used to see a face of a man cried when he died. He was not allowed to go and see his funeral. A day passed and he saw a small box containing letters. He read them. There was a man named Penn. He contacted his friend who told his father and mother. They got a shock. The man who died had a son named Penn who was in India. He got his father’s letters about a script writer. They found him suffering in a house. He had been blackmailed by a rival. He got help when the boy and his friends told the police about the incident. Everybody were fine when they read the holy books.

Rachel weisz from Mummy

Rachel Weisz is one of the few artistes who is able to do short films and big blockbusters. So far we know her fame was from the movie ‘Mummy’.

Recently she got audiences attention with “The Lobster.” She also picked up an Oscar for her turn in “The Constant Gardener.” Her upcoming film is said to be “Denial,” which is coming soon. Weisz is believed to be a successful actress. – celebrity jam