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car hire

IN order to hire a car in Spain, you must be at least 23 yrs of age. You need to have an international driving license or a valid license from your own country. All motorcycle drivers need to wear a helmet and ride with headlights on even during the day. Car hire must be paid with a credit card. There are package plans for hiring cars. The average daily cost for a middle range car is around 40 to 60 pounds.

email marketing

I had a fren who was so crazy about cars. He used to be a gd sales person that he sold five cars a week. They were luxurious cars which consumers like instantly. He started a website for car lovers and had people clicking on the cars. He had a secure website which enabled master card and debit cards to be used. It also had paypal. He sent out emails to consumers and was a pro in email marketing. Now he is settled down in Africa with his friends. He has a second website too.