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The dream

Once a man from LA went to a country where there were only houses not occupied by anyone. He saw a boy call him and a woman asked him to go to the flat. When he walked in there were many people crying for help. He walked to them and asked what was the problem. He solved the problems and soon he was paid a lot of money. The money was to take care of a young girl who did not know she was going to stay in the house for her would be hubby. All went ok until they found out that the girl was a smart person who did Maths a lot. After she went overseas she changed and became a better person who loved the world.


What are the benefits and pains involved in being a twin? Well, when one is a twin the person gets to see himself or herself in another person. The face of the twin is shown and the elder one can check out how he looks by seeing his younger twin. There is a speciality in being a twin and it is good. People like to admire twins and thus being a twin can win you praises and glory.

Sometimes twins can mean a pain. Some people can mistake you for your twin. He or she could have done something wrong and the sin could fall on you.

My brother’s wedding is coming ……

Oh no! It is flying.  I meant the time is zooming past me now. Just one or two weeks later is my brother’s wedding. I mean with the food, wedding hall, photo shoot and other expenses he may be broke… ha ha ha….