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I think Deepavali is a time for ppl to get together to enjoy life. It is just like thanksgiving. – ANu V


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The dream

Once a man from LA went to a country where there were only houses not occupied by anyone. He saw a boy call him and a woman asked him to go to the flat. When he walked in there were many people crying for help. He walked to them and asked what was the problem. He solved the problems and soon he was paid a lot of money. The money was to take care of a young girl who did not know she was going to stay in the house for her would be hubby. All went ok until they found out that the girl was a smart person who did Maths a lot. After she went overseas she changed and became a better person who loved the world.


I knew a girl who from young wanted to be a writer. she wrote a lot of poems and articles in her jotter book and notebooks. One day she met a scientist who told her that she can study science. she was happy but her ambition stayed strong. She was 18 when her granny told her to change her ideas. she was scared and started to listen to god songs. she wrote the lyrics for a song and sent it to USA. she got happiness when her lyrics were accepted. she was 21 yrs old when her dream came true. tdy she is a journalist writing for all kinds of media. bye.

Art director and his portfolio

A famous art director in a big art firm lost his portfolio when he was dining in a fine restaurant. He did not notice it until 2 days later. He panicked and called the restaurant. Luckily the manager of the 5 star restaurant kept the missing folder which had his best works. His boss told him not to worry and consoled him. He paid the manager a $500 note to appreciate his help. The manager was touched by his love for his works. He soon became a freelance art director who managed 3 budding art copy writers who were so gd in their work that they got paid a lot for their creativity.

Memories and sorrow

A man once stayed in a house for a long time without knowing about its occupants. As time flew, he gradually got to know about the people. They spoke to him and he was glad. Unfortunately before he got married he was asked to fly to another country for a mission. He could not accept the gift from his girl friend and his parents. Luckily he had a friend who took letters for him. He received a small gift from a woman who once loved him. He went to her house and saw her writing. He was glad. They were happy for a long time with 2 kids they had adopted from another country.