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devotion to music

I was angry and upset when I could not listen to any music or watch videos on Youtube on my iPhone. There was so much I could with Internet. It was not like Singapore. Stranded and alone. Boring. Scare if there is no mode of communication. The door scared me. I wished I did not see the ghastly footprints on the steps in the eerie stairs. Like a horror movie.


A nice lady who did not come to any place alone was stuck in time travel. She had read a book about castles and kings. A note came to ask her to visit a place. She went and soon she heard voices shouting. It was scream. She did not know herself well. The possession was something she did not expect. She just wanted to be served. She was working as a professional. until she knew the truth. the one who helped her was the same one she knew she liked. SHe was scared of the door and fire. she was scared of knocks on the door. The lock was missing. There was only a latch. It was miracles and the chinese book she read when she was 5 saved her life. The word was ‘bro’. bye. – Anu Veth


I think Deepavali is a time for ppl to get together to enjoy life. It is just like thanksgiving. – ANu V



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A man who was an avid watcher of football matches did not sleep a day before the impt match. He had not eaten dinner and so he went to the Indian stall to buy mee goreng. He ate and while he was watching the show he heard a jingle sound. He thought it was his sister who was sleeping in her room. An apparition wearing blue appeared in front of him. He screamed. His sis woke up and told him she has seen the apparition a few times when she stayed up late to watch TV. They had no parents and they only had an uncle who came in once a week to take care of them. They were in their early 20s. They called their uncle who came and checked with a bomoh. The man got scared. It seemed the thing they saw was a ghost which had stayed in the house before. He prayed well and chanted and asked them to cleanse themselves well every day. The man and his sis obeyed and suddenly after a week their uncle got scared when they got a call from their old friend who said he dreamt of something lurking in their house. They moved out of the house when they contacted the earlier house owner. A young girl who had been pregnant had died in the house when she had come to talk to her ex-boyfriend. The boyfriend was the house owner’s son. He had not known about his son’s affairs. The police soon arrested the son when they found a letter in the girl’s room.