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I had a friend who was having problems sleeping. He went out and slept on a flat. He was ok. now he is better. he is a policeman who live outside to check on study ppl who got no friends. he think lonely ppl are suicidal.


outside world

I think some ppl may be in tune with outside world while others may be insiders. Insider means staying inside a house. I got a friend whose siblings are supportive of her going out but her parents are not. She is in her 40s and can’t stay outside late. her mother keeps calling her n her parent calls the police to make report if she dun return home. she is thinking of running away to feel gd about herself.

outside alone

I was outside for a few days in May this yr. I was bored. Nothing much. People hang out together and dun make friends with newcomers. Maybe they know each other well outside in shopping malls and ccs. I did not eat much and felt alone. But the outside atmosphere helped; at least i can see the skies and the stars. Anyway my parent called me and asked me to return. I did not know why I could not stay long outside. Maybe I am used to life inside the house.