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ghost stories

Haunted was a script written by a man who was lonely in a house. he did not work for 10 yrs and was left alone as he got money from a draw. he only walked out of the house after this period and got married to a man who was a gay like him.




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Memories of a song flow back as the girl last wrote a poem. she wrote 10 times. in FB. now it is ok as she is working on a project to help her daughter and son-in-law.

Saamy 2

Saamy Square

I watched the first few scenes. Not bad. The wedding scene is arresting. Looks like he is possessed. Just like Singam. Like Suriya looks when angry.

Arresting movie.

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Experience with social media

I think to date my experience with social media is gd. I like updating my status and posting links on Facebook and twitter. I also like Tumblr, Pininterest and Stumbleupon.

– Anu V