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Saamy 2

Saamy Square

I watched the first few scenes. Not bad. The wedding scene is arresting. Looks like he is possessed. Just like Singam. Like Suriya looks when angry.

Arresting movie.

  • Anu

Experience with social media

I think to date my experience with social media is gd. I like updating my status and posting links on Facebook and twitter. I also like Tumblr, Pininterest and Stumbleupon.

– Anu V

horror nightmare- stuck in a prison like hotel

A lonely story about King which the older house showed me in dreams before. I think something to do with bathing in a large tub. Underwater world. nightmare. He did not dress well. He is half man and half mammal. He is waiting for 2 Queens. Eerie to see his image. I got third eye. The Taoism scared me maybe cos I am more to Hinduism. I had no pottu lucky I trusted myself changed my hair style and put pottu using my pen. I felt better and prayed to lord shiva.

A girl spoke and told me all are buried except me. Scared me to the roots. Anyway I told myself to be brave and walk out of the door. A loud siren went off as if to notify someone I was escaping. I prayed loudly and screamed and saw Murugar help me. He guided me and lucky I saw another door. There was light. I wanted to call police. I paid the extra cash since they asked cos they keep saying I checked in earlier. I dare not mess around cos not any mothers around. I was thankful to see a SIngaporen. He drove me to Singapore.


A nice lady who did not come to any place alone was stuck in time travel. She had read a book about castles and kings. A note came to ask her to visit a place. She went and soon she heard voices shouting. It was scream. She did not know herself well. The possession was something she did not expect. She just wanted to be served. She was working as a professional. until she knew the truth. the one who helped her was the same one she knew she liked. SHe was scared of the door and fire. she was scared of knocks on the door. The lock was missing. There was only a latch. It was miracles and the chinese book she read when she was 5 saved her life. The word was ‘bro’. bye. – Anu Veth