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Experience with social media

I think to date my experience with social media is gd. I like updating my status and posting links on Facebook and twitter. I also like Tumblr, Pininterest and Stumbleupon.

– Anu V

Strange happenings

Yesterday a man who was so lonely saw a young girl who was a writer walk up to him.He asked her what it is and saw a younger boy cry for him and his son. Previously, the man had a tiger which was locked in his basement. Apparently the girl and the boy knew him as they were next door neighbors. Mystery.


A man who was an avid watcher of football matches did not sleep a day before the impt match. He had not eaten dinner and so he went to the Indian stall to buy mee goreng. He ate and while he was watching the show he heard a jingle sound. He thought it was his sister who was sleeping in her room. An apparition wearing blue appeared in front of him. He screamed. His sis woke up and told him she has seen the apparition a few times when she stayed up late to watch TV. They had no parents and they only had an uncle who came in once a week to take care of them. They were in their early 20s. They called their uncle who came and checked with a bomoh. The man got scared. It seemed the thing they saw was a ghost which had stayed in the house before. He prayed well and chanted and asked them to cleanse themselves well every day. The man and his sis obeyed and suddenly after a week their uncle got scared when they got a call from their old friend who said he dreamt of something lurking in their house. They moved out of the house when they contacted the earlier house owner. A young girl who had been pregnant had died in the house when she had come to talk to her ex-boyfriend. The boyfriend was the house owner’s son. He had not known about his son’s affairs. The police soon arrested the son when they found a letter in the girl’s room.

short story – the celebration

“I was saddened by the flare of anger in the boy’s face as he grabbed his bag and walked off the door.” He was cute. His father hugged him and politely nodded at me. I was tired of his screaming that evening at his house. I was his mother’s best friend. I had been taking care of him for the past 2 weeks. He was crazy for toys but did not like to share them. I looked at his cousin who was sleeping at a bed. His mother had called earlier to inform me that she would be coming to fetch him soon. I checked my sms on my hp and realized that I had missed his call. He was a dear friend who had gone overseas. His sister had visited the city just yesterday and he was coming down. He was a nice looking man who had a friendly puppy. He had shown the pic to me thr hp. I was amazed that an ex-reporter like him had a low profile.

Darren did not like fame. He liked to keep a low profile. He was retired from his job and he kept busy by growing roses in his garden. His sis had reminded him to visit Nancy at her friend’s house where she was working as a baby sitter for 2 kids. She had been Darla’s friend for 6 yrs and they kept in touch easily. One day Darla has asked if she wanted to take care of her son and she had agreed. She was happy as she was a producer keeping a TV job for a few yrs. She had been happy and now she was resting with a lower pay but an enjoyable job taking care of children at home.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as he looked at his son Ben. Ben was looking tired and he nudged him and smiled at him. He loved his son but lately his wife had been nagging about him playing too much alone in his room. Something was up. He was silent too not his usual chirpy self where he used to talk to him about buying toy soldiers.

“What’s that?” she asked as she noticed Brendon took off his shirt and went to the cupboard for another shirt. There was a mark on his back. She shuddered to think what could have happened?

“It is nothing. I got hurt last time when I was driving.” He smiled and touched her cheeks as he dressed for going out to the cafe where he was the boss. He watched the clock on the wall. “I forgot the earlier appointment with Jim,” he remarked as Nancy walked to the loo in the master room. The room became dark suddenly. He took a torch light and on it. He saw Nancy take her hp and switched on it. He went to the living room and took a candle. It was Nancy’s birthday. He celebrated by taking a cake he had baked. Nancy was touched as she hugged Brendon. They had a great day. – Anu V blogger

Short Article On Classroom

Our society hinge on them being able to make critical decisions, approximately their own galenic treatment, trial, or what we must do about planetary energy indispensably and demands. Regardless of the different title, the plan is the same — to develop fluent readers by providing time during the school day for students to opt a reserve and read silently. But people must get this skill somewhere. The National Center for Learning Disabilities presents examples of accommodations that allow students with learning disabilities to show what they wit without giving them an unfair benefit.

For that, we have a robust inofficial erudition system that eschews grades, takes all comers, and is available even on playtime and weekends. Schwartz, both then at Vanderbilt University, found that what distinguished young adults from children was not the dexterity to engage facts or apply preceding erudition to a new position but a character they called “preparation for futurition learning.” The researchers asked fifth graders and college students to create a recovery design to protect paltry eagles from extinction. Perhaps many teachers have too little age to bestow students to form and push their own subject and too much estate to cover in the curriculum and for standardized criterion.

From the position of a unwritten teacher, this outcome registered that schooling had failing to help students think about ecosystems and extinction, major scientific ideas. Your lad may be at a exercise where they are using an approach invite “flipped classroom” or “turn lesson.” If so, keep perusal to find out more about the ide, and three ways that you can support turn letters at tenement.

Shockingly, the two groups came up with delineation of resembling quality (although the college students had better spelling skills). More than a decade back cognitive scientists John D. As we promontory towards September and a renovated school year, here’s information from dictinctive education expert Rick Lavoie that may be favorable as you attempt to make special needs kids in your class handle warm, acceptable, and penury. Accommodations are divided into the following categories: how message is presented to the dig, how the bookworm can respond, clock of proof and rebuke, the learning environment, and test table. Despite its widespread use in classrooms, silent reading hasn’t enjoyed much support in the research erudition. Using the term SEPTEMBER, he cleave nine concepts that can help you in this effort. Nearly every classroom provides some tempo during the instructional day for this independent silent perusal. She furnish tips on procure books and materials, organizing the shelves, creating labels, and making it cozy. Informal learning environments put up with failure ameliorate than tutor.


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