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A girl who was hungry saw a chance for getting cash. She walked out and went to a rich girl’s house to wash her clothes. Each day she earned 100 bucks. In a month she earned what she needed.


Experience with social media

I think to date my experience with social media is gd. I like updating my status and posting links on Facebook and twitter. I also like Tumblr, Pininterest and Stumbleupon.

– Anu V


my aunt the one who is often talking in a stern tone called me. I was caught off guard and as usual went of talking about some matters. family can be hectic at times. i was playing a game called empire on my pc when she called. the game was fun and brought me to a new world. I am looking to install some apps on my laptop. for help I tried checking out youtube channels for assistance. I watched a number of videos to see how to get apps on pc.