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A little boy went to a shop to buy sweets. He liked the sweets he saw and bought a lot. His father reprimanded him for buying a lot of sweets and got a shock when his wife shouted at him. The boy was naughty and liked the attention he got from his father. “You did not buy that’s why I bought the sweets,” he said.

Experience with social media

I think to date my experience with social media is gd. I like updating my status and posting links on Facebook and twitter. I also like Tumblr, Pininterest and Stumbleupon.

– Anu V

Career coaching

What makes good career coaching?

I know a few experts who love to follow mentors and recall them when they are at work. “They can be used for remembrance,” they stated when commenting on career coaching.

What can you ask your clients when they come to you for help?

1.Ask them what they aspire to be?
2.Ask them who are their role models?
3.Ask what dreams they have for their career?

Apart from these few questions I bet there are many other stuff they can think of.

Career coaching is a specialized field of training and one has to know the client’s likes and dislikes before proceeding.

Gd luck.

short stories woes

Once an author who was studying in an open university commented on how hard it was to get research on novel characters. “I need someone to assist me with the work.” she commented on the topic.

A short story writer who needs to write at least 12 stories a week was so exhausted as he did not watch any films nor go out to see his buddies. Outside life matters.


I ordered drinks 3 time in Starbucks Malaysia. It was FUN. I could eat and drink Malaysia food. All were friendly and normal. family type of folks. They scared to be single. They were couples. Saw a few familiar faces walking around duno what to do. I just wanted to show I have HP laptop and I can surf. An older man who always around me was there. He asked me to sit before it is too late. I felt happy. It was Americano. The drink. I duno bitter. but ok. I had new medicine. diarhoea. Luckily it did not happen in JB. I could see them. the other souls. ghost or pontianak. They did not like I was careful with money. I wanted to sit and talk to someone else apart from my friends. But a few only could talk. They asked if I can speak tamil.