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Once a man tot he would not fall for anyone. He was very arrogant. He cried for a young girl he dreamt and saw her come real. He praised her but her aunt did not like him. He ran away and became a famous pianist to love the girl. she was safe with him for 2 yrs only. Another 50 or more admirers came rushing to see her after she took her lesson with him. She was very pretty and had a lot of suitors that her mother did not know who to select for her as a husband.

the story of food n eating meals

Once there was a man who was wiser than his wife and children. He told them to eat red meat to survive but they were vegetarians. they only ate the meals correctly after suffering from names they did not take when they were in a diff ethnic group. it was after a life’s time that they learnt that a man is really a man when he ate all meals. better eat when you are hungry. do not starve to be thin. bye ash