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A man named vijay was sleeping in his bed when he dreamt about a prince losing his father. he dreamt another one a girl. he liked her and got a shock when she appeared in front of him the next instance that was the only time he recalled any one appearing like ‘magic’ in front of him in his house. the reason he forgot to touch his old bible he kept in his old school bag. he took out one day and then he died in sleep well. amen.


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A lover of a young lass liked her so much he asked her to name her first child Rob. He was sleeping when he saw her walk away. That was the last time she called him softly. She was screaming for help as she saw her parents dead on the streets. They had been attacked by unknown ppl who robbed them for money.

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A man who was too old to cook anything for his grandson asked him to sleep n not wake up to anyone calling. this went on for yrs until the family found out the grandson died in sleep. unfortunately the man had a wife who did not know she was living away from his family. she was still waiting for him to return home after his trip to see his grandpa.

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A long time ago a man asked a woman for a tel number to call. He was bored. it was 8 yrs later that he got the number. he got shocked. she was looking for the exact person and not the son-in-law he was looking for. this caused a prob in the family and friends circles. now tdy he is alone due to asking for a number from an unknown woman. he should have asked his own parents for the hp number. bye