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First Class in SIA

Singapore Airlines has created the world’s most exclusive First Class cabin offering superior levels of privacy. SkySuites are crafted with your comfort in mind. Indulge in fine wines and cuisine from around the world while you relax in your leather seat.

bank incident

A man who was queuing in a posb bank saw a woman ask for a million dollars in an atm. She was speaking to it herself. Then only her hubby came up and shouted and told her to go home. Apparently she had lost money in a gamble last time and had gone mad.

“Pity her,” her hubby told the rest and walked away.


reading aloud

Little words did not seem to matter to a reader who was living in America. Until her kid son asked her why she did not read the newspapers loud. This scared the kid’s parent who called his spouse’s sister to check. she was not well.