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Old couple

A couple kept cooking and eating until they were fat. They were happy and lived for a long time. Until a young witch came and told them to slim down. It was hectic and their kids got angry.

The wedding blues

A young girl who was left to stay with an old couple did not know that the couple did not like anyone getting married. The girl was not married till she was 38 and it was due to her parents coming to live with her. Her parents were from India and knew that the couple were a burden to anyone.


A poor priest who died did not know his kid was suffering in a house where they were evil spirits and a bad man who did not like to feed anyone who is below 20 years old. The kid only managed to leave the house when a young woman called Anna called the police to report that the kid was a rich one who was left in a wrong family. The prime suspect was a Bollywood actor who did not like his own child to be more popular than him in stardom. He died when his wife divorced him after getting her earlier love and child. – Ash Veth


Big bro was scared when a man called another man to see him shower in his loo. It was nuisance as they were from a diff. country. He called the cops and they got scared for the bro. Now he is a policeman who called his children his own even though he had none. He did not marry as he only loved his sis.


One day a man called Sree called another man to see a disgraced woman who cried for a girl who did not do anything for 3 years in a house. They did not know that 5 years later the woman and the girl called a crowd for nothing to see the men. They were jealous of their sex and were scared they did not do anything for their boyfriends who were tired of taking care of their families.

That day

That day a man who was a gay was forced to consider a stupid bitch who calls herself the queen. He got scared and ran away from the house. It was tamilans behavior which made the girls rush for men, the believe. I am scared it is true in some countries. India did not know that gays esp. ang mohs dislike themselves for liking bollywood songs and dancers whoa are female. They only like their own sex. adios amigo. Ash Veth