scam ezy

A friend of mine was working hard for a few weeks which turned to month. She had to do market and sell products on facebook. After repeatedly giving her details for salary the stupid boss of his did not pay her 5k salary. She deleted his whatsapp number after getting nuisance calls from him. Everything she asked him when will she get the money he asked her to transfer money to bitcoin accounts. later she told him she can take a pay cut and yet the scoundral did not pay her salary. she is not worried as she knows she had done her job and it is the boss mistake. i wonder why people like the stupid boss exist on this planet?


I had a chance to talk to a friend who was complaining about how there are companies trying to cheat job seekers. She said she went for a job briefing where the person told her to buy a membership which cost a few hundreds to 1k plus to secure a job. She decided not to opt for any facebook jobs for the moment. She noticed that there are more and more such jobs popping up on Facebook. One thing such jobs do not ask for certificates and credentials. I think that is the reason why companies esp private ones are deciding to take anyone by asking them to pay money for jobs.